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Our Salute To

A Salute to the Legacy of 1910 Frame Works


Responding to the news that our friends and competitors at 1910 Frame Works have announced plans to retire, we want to Salute the Weeks family and their staff at 1910 Frame Works for 40 years as standard bearers in Custom Framing in Memphis.  1910 Frame Works, Davey, Glenn and LinD have been pioneers in delivering creativity, customer service and top quality framing for thousand of Memphians across two or three generations.  1910 Frame Works' high standards have helped propel us over the past 30 years (as BA Framer & Midtown Framer & Art) to match those same framing expectations of customers.   And for that, we at Midtown Framer & Art are grateful.


Moving forward we want to assure the loyal customers of 1910 Frame Works that you not only have an option, but you have a seamless option for your needs related to Custom Framing and Memphis themed art.  Midtown Framer & Art is a short mile west of 1910 Frame Works on Union Avenue on the same side of the street with parking in the front and back.


We have most impressive variety of frame mouldings in all price ranges and a craft shop on site that enables us to provide you creative solutions that fit with your art and decor...and very fast turn-around when you need it...at a level that matches 1910 Frame Works and often exceeds it.


The staff at Midtown Framer & Art invite 1910 Frame Works customers to come in and look around the shop and galleries and meet that the people who represent a cumulative 100 years of experience in the business.  Look around the website and see what we offer an look at the artists/photographs who have their work here.


As we salute 1910 Frame Works and the Weeks family for 40 years of service and success in the Custom Framing business, and wish each of them happiness and fulfillment in their well-deserved retirement.  We look forward to meeting and serving the customers of 1910 Frame Works for many years to come...providing a level or service, creativity, quality and pricing that is unmatched.


Thank you for considering us for your future needs.


Danny Bubnick, Owner


Nick Prskalo, General Manager